Canada Issues 730 Invitations for Permanent Residence in Latest Express Entry Draw.

On January 31, 2024, 730 invitations to apply (ITAs) for permanent residence in Canada were sent out as part of the third Latest Express Entry draw.

Latest Express Entry Draw profiles with a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of 541 or higher were invited to participate in the general draw held by the IRCC today.

This draw comes after the most recent one on January 23, when 1,040 individuals were invited to a general draw based on a minimum CRS score of 543. Prior to that, on January 10, a general draw was held to which 1,510 individuals with a CRS score of 546 were invited. The CRS cutoff score decreased by just 2 points from the January 23 general draw.

Predicting the course of Latest Express Entry draws in 2024 is still premature as the year is not even halfway gone. To assist in meeting the 2023 and 2024 admissions targets outlined in the Immigration Levels Plan, the IRCC conducted 42 lotteries and provided ITAs to over 110,000 individuals in 2023.

The following is a summary of the Latest Express Entry Draw today:

  • Number of invitations issued: 730
  • Rank required to be invited to apply: 730 or above
  • Date & time of round: January 31, 2024, at 15:18:02 UTC
  • Lowest-ranked CRS score of candidate invited: 541
  • Tie-breaking rule: July 15, 2023, at 10:52:08 UTC

The analysis of most recent Latest Express Entry draw

Three consecutive general draws. Thus far this year, Canada has hosted three general draws, open to applications from all programs and categories.

Even though fewer applicants were invited, the current draw’s CRS score, which is still reasonably high at 541, is marginally lower than that of the previous draw. This could mean that fewer candidates, including those with provincial nominations, with high scores were in the pool for this draw.

In fact, 543 applicants in the pool for this draw had a CRS score of greater than 600. It follows that 196 people may have been invited without a provincial nomination.

CRS Cut off Score Trends for 2024

Immigration Program2024 Total InvitationsLowest CRS Cutoff: 2024Highest CRS Score 20242023 Total InvitationsLowest CRS Cutoff: 2023Highest CRS Score 2023
No Program Specified or General3,28054154676,700481561
Agriculture and Agri-food draw0Yet to be announcedYet to be announced1,000354386
Transport-targeted draw0Yet to be announcedYet to be announced1,670435435
Trades Targeted Draw0Yet to be announcedYet to be announced2,500388425
Targeted Draw for French Speakers0Yet to be announcedYet to be announced8,700375486
STEM Targeted Draw0Yet to be announcedYet to be announced6,400481486
Healthcare Targeted Draw0Yet to be announcedYet to be announced5,600431476
Provincial Nominee Program0Yet to be announcedYet to be announced4,396691791
Federal Skilled Worker0Yet to be announcedYet to be announced3,300489489

A targeted category introduction in 2023 Latest Express Entry draw has not yet been announced by IRCC.

The breakdown of what constitutes “additional points” for Express Entry is presented in the following table:

Provincial nomination obtained under an Express Entry600
Qualifying job offer in Senior Management occupation (Major Group 00) 200
Qualifying job offer in any TEER category 0, 1, 2, or 350
Completed one or two year study in Canada15
Obtained a three-year, master’s, doctorate, or admission to a professional practice degree30
French ability of CLB 7 or or English ability of CLB 5 or better50
French ability of lower than CLB 7 or English ability of CLB 4 25
Sibling in Canada**15

Here are a few fictitious situations in which applicants might have received invitations to the January 23 draw.

  • Rashmi is 29-year-old and possesses two or more diplomas, one of which was earned in Canada. She speaks English rather well. 544 CRS points for one year of work experience in Canada, three years of work experience abroad, and a sibling living in the country.
  • Tyson, who is thirty years old, has a master’s degree, is fluent in English, and has worked abroad for three years and in Canada for one. Additionally, they have a legitimate employment offer in a TEER 1 occupation (566 CRS points).
  • Edgard, 31, graduated from a foreign university with a master’s degree. He has three years of overseas job experience, strong proficiency in French and English, and 544 CRS points.

How will 2024’s Latest Express Entry Draw look?

According to the Immigration Levels Plan 2024–2026, 110,000 new permanent residents will be admitted to Canada via Express Entry in 2024.

The IRCC targeted 82,880 Latest Express Entry Draw candidates in 2023; this is a surge. However, even the high goal does not guarantee that every applicant invited in 2024 will be accepted before the year ends. Some will arrive in 2025, particularly those who are invited later in the year. This is due to the six-month service standard that the IRCC has for making a final decision on applicants for permanent residence through Latest Express Entry Draw.

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