Expectations for the Express Entry Category-based or Targeted Draw in 2024

For 2024, Canada has specified a range of 90,000 (lower range) to 116,000 (higher range) new permanent residents to be admitted through Express Entry; 110,770 is the optimal target.

Through 42 rounds of invitations, Canada extended invitations to 110,266 primary applicants to apply for permanent residency (PR) in 2023.

On June 28, 2023, IRCC started category-based or targeted draws. Through 27 rounds of invites, 51,218 people were invited. Specifically, these categories are:

  • Francophone Invitations
  • Healthcare occupations;
  • STEM occupations;
  • Trade occupations;
  • Agriculture and agri-food occupations; and
  • Transport occupations

Since 2023 was the first year when category-based rounds of invites were introduced, it is crucial that we look back and understand the larger picture of the drawings that were held in 2023 as we approach 2024.

Francophone invitations

8,700 ITAs were awarded to applicants in six French language draws this year, with the lowest CRS score cut-off being 375 and the highest being 486. Francophone draws consider Express Entry profiles with French language test results that demonstrate a minimum score of 7 in each of the four language abilities on the NCLC (Niveaux de compétence linguistique canadiens).

Draw DateCRS Cut-off

Healthcare occupations.

Those with experience in healthcare-related professions, such as nursing, medicine, physician, and many other job titles, were eligible to apply for the Express Entry pool. Three healthcare draws were held in 2023, generating 5,600 ITAs. For this group, the highest recorded CRS score was 476, while the lowest was 431.

Draw DateCRS Cut-off

STEM occupations

Candidates in the Express Entry pool with experience in these four related fields civil engineers, software developers, mathematicians, web designers, and more were classified as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) workers. In 2023 there were two STEM draws delivering 6,400 ITAs. With a CRS of range of 481-486.

Draw DateCRS Cut-off

Trade occupations

In 2023 Two transport-related Express Entry draws produced 2,500 ITAs for applicants with a CRS range of 388-425. Trade occupations included candidates who had experience Electrician, Heavy Equipment Operators, Machinists, Construction Managers and more.

Draw DateCRS Cut-off

Agriculture and Agri-food occupations

Two Agriculture and Agri-food draws in 2023 yielded 1,000 ITAs to candidates with CRS range of 354-386. Candidates with professional expertise as butchers, agricultural service contractors, farm supervisors, and other roles are attracted to the agriculture and agri-food industries.

Draw DateCRS Cut-off

Transport occupations

In 2023 two transport draws yielded 1,670 ITAs to candidates with a CRS of 435 each time. Candidates with experience in the transportation industry are drawn to positions such as air traffic controllers, aircraft assemblers, managers in the field, and transport truck drivers.

Draw DateCRS Cut-off

Through 42 rounds of invitations, Canada extended invitations to 110,266 primary applicants to apply for permanent residency (PR) in 2023.

On June 28, 2023, the IRCC launched category-based or targeted draws. In 27 rounds of invitations, 51,218 people were invited.

Guidelines for Express Entry Draws in 2024

For 2024, opportunity lies in Francophone draws as it has proved to be an absolute blessing for Express Entry profiles that were not competitive in the “no program specified draws” because of the high cut-off yet had a low CRS score but good French ability followed by the Trade Category.

We would see the lower CRS cut-off, better possibilities of receiving provincial nominations, and potential rise in invitations in 2024 under these occupations.

With a CRS cut-off score that is anticipated to stay comparatively higher in the STEM area, the healthcare sector is predicted to place second.

While, Trade, Agriculture & Agri-Food, and Transport rounds of invitations with low CRS cut-off scores and are also anticipated to occur less frequently than those for other categories, although they will still have low CRS cut-offs.

Prediction of the Next Express Entry Draw CRS Score

ProgramCRS Cutoff
French focused draw475
Healthcare Targeted Draw445
STEM Targeted Draw491
Trade Targeted draw435
Agriculture and Agri-food occupations390
Transport occupations440

We anticipate that the trade and French-proficiency categories will remain in place for the next five years, although the Canadian Immigration Department may alter the categories in 2024.

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